## HELLO I !!### AND #### ## ### ok

hii my name is miles , you can also call me luca or mike ,, u can also give me nicknames idm . SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE

my socials

insta !!!!

my discord tag is miles!#0666

tiktok !!!


myyy pronouns are he/it !!! my neos are , bun/buns , mew/mews , meow/meows , clown/clowns + honk/honks . im a cat-bunny-fox-clown thing..? ( red flag i know? ) . want a link to my pronouns page?

prns page

abt me !!

i am 4teen !! iam a crazy kid on the internet blablabba

imm ND , diagnosed ADHD ... use tone tags when needed please . & i have undiagnosed bpd sso ,, mm!! sorry if im too mucjh

iam also POC !! (south asian / desi ; !!! ) pleading emoji. im sri lankan / canadian .

i am trans && mlm

also im buddhist

before u int / dni ;; basic dni criteria obv . i am not good at interacting with new people or just people in general that im not close with , i have trust issues && huge fear of replacement, and i just dont like meeting new people sometimes. i have another huge fear of being left out so maybe dont thx. if i leave you on read its not intentionally most of the time, sometimes i just forget or i get busy or i just dont know what to say. i have abandonment issues and i can get upset easily, please keep that in mind . honestly, if youre gonna be my close friend please be mindful of shit you say lol, do NOT hint at leaving me /srs. i'm hypersexual and i make sexual jokes sorry if that makes you uncomfortable. i say slurs i can reclaim. ( f slur , t slur , r slur , curry muncher, brownie etc ?!) i make kys jokes bc. they are funny .. and s/h jokes too . also , adults 19 + dni unless we are already mutuals. MY TRIGGER IS AB//SE . DO NOT JOKE / TALK ABT THIS AROUND ME. my discomforts are age regressors/regression (for personal reason.) , people who have the same HIGH kins as me ?? , nortdrew , ednort , edluca , mikemarg , nortnaib , ANY HxS , dni w me if you ship these?. if you claim to be me (luca & mike) DNI . also plzz dont int if you think youre any of my friends & partner ur weird x . im sort of okay with vents , depends on who you are to me , but if we're friends feel free to vent to me anytime!! i try to listen and give advice .

please DO INTERACT !! IF ; u like any of my interests ...,,. if you like talkig about old torture devices i genuinely really like talkign abt those , IF you lik animatronics !! if u like anything nostalgic.. i love nostalgia !


NORTIE MY BF mwah heart eyes

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